SocialBrands: your needs are our standards

Every business is unique and has a different goal. That’s why campaigns with the SocialBrands platform can easily be tailored to suit your specific needs. Setting up a campaign is as easy as filling in a form. Here are the possibilities.

Get Likes from new fans

Are you looking to increase the reach of your Facebook page with your campaign? You can quite easily achieve this by setting up a Like as a precondition to participate in your campaign. There is no work involved for you, as this feature is fully automated. All you have to do is determine whether you want to show an image, a text or both to your participants. As soon as the non-fan clicks on Like, he or she can take part in the promotion.

Use free templates

For each app you can use via the SocialBrands platform, there are a number of templates available that you can easily customize for your business. For example, you can insert your logo and personalized buttons, change the font and colour, or you can add videos, photos and text. You can then simply click and drag all these features to the position you want.

Upload your own design

You can also upload your own design for each individual campaign without needing any technical knowhow. For advanced users there is even the possibility to change the HTML and CSS.

Share the promotion with friends: you decide

You choose how you want people to share your campaign. Do you want to make it a prerequisite when taking part? And when do you ask: before or after signing up? You understand your target market best and know what works.

Taking part in your campaign

How do you want people to register for your campaign? By filling in a registration form or via their Facebook login, or possibly even both? You’re free to decide what works best for you. Your choice might depend on how much data you wish to receive and how approachable you wish to keep your campaign.

Campaign winners

You can determine who the winner is or select multiple winners, either at the beginning or end of the campaign. Or you can let the system choose for you by randomly picking a winner from all contestants.

Drag & drop editor

With our drag & drop editor everyone can easily create a promotional page. Drag and drop images, content and buttons.

More information

Want to know more or get started with the SocialBrands platform? Please feel free to contact us.