Social media calendar

When is your target audience online? The social media calendar enables you to prepare your messages for publication at the right moment. That’s efficient for you as administrator and effective in connecting with your target audience.
The greatest advantage of planning your messages ahead is that you can maintain a very active page while only having to spend an hour a day updating it.
Messages for Facebook and Twitter can be created within the SocialBrands platform with the added option to post at a specific date. This allows you to schedule several messages at once and spread them over the week, month or year.

The best time

The platform also suggests the best time for your Facebook page to post messages. It does this by calculating at what times most of your fans are online and therefore at what times most of your fans read your messages.
Aren’t you able to post your message at that particular time? No problem! The planner allows you to schedule your messages to be posted at any time you want, even at night.

More information

Want to know more or get started with the SocialBrands platform? Please feel free to contact us.