Photo, video or writing competition Facebook app

Whether for best writing, best video, best photograph, or a combination of all three, having a competition as part of your social media campaign is a sure success. Promote your company in this manner on Facebook and you’ll see more online reach, as well as more interaction with your customers, quickly. Is your business celebrating its 20th anniversary? Do you have a new product you would like to bring to people’s attention? Whatever your business event, there’s a successful competition to suit it.

The viral effect of a competition is like ripples on water

How does this Facebook app work? Everyone who ‘likes’ your competition or enters your competition makes it possible for their friends to also take part or to vote for a photo, video or written entry they like. You can even opt for the winner to be chosen by this group.

A competition enables you to create a number of valuable contact moments with customers and potential customers. And, what’s just as important, you build up an actual database that you can utilize in a future campaign. This way, you’re using minimal investment to maximize the reach within your target audience.

More information

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Social sharing

Decide how participants can share your campaign and what they share, like texts, links and images.

Without Facebook

The campaigns you create with SocialBrands are not just limited to Facebook. You can also publish them on your own website or on a different URL.


As an option, you can add a form to the campaign, choose the information fields you want and determine which fields are marked as required.


Collect profiles of all participants and determine which data you wish to receive from each participant.


Update the campaign at any given moment, even after the campaign has gone live. This allows you to optimize your promotion down to the last detail.


You can choose the winner yourself or choose more than one winner. Another option: let the system randomly select a winner for you.

Start & end

When does your promotion start and when does it end? You decide down to the very minute. Another possibility: schedule a campaign already for next week.


View the statistics of your campaign in real time, such as the number of participants, new Likes, (mobile) visitors and more.

Drag & drop

With our drag & drop editor, everyone can easily create a promotion page. Insert and drag images, text and buttons.

Mobile version

All apps also work on mobile devices. Most apps have an optimized mobile version that you can customize.

Automatic e-mail

Do you want to send every participant an automatic e-mail to register for the newsletter? You can and, even better, you can easily set it up yourself.