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SocialBrands is the easiest way to build social promotions, to engage, reach and increase your online & offline audiences and turn them into leads.

How it works

Create beautiful and professional campaigns. It’s so easy, you can start today.

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Choose from 14 different apps and easily create your own responsive template.

Publish on multiple channels

Launch your campaigns on social media, landing pages, websites, email and mobile.

Measure results & Collect leads

Get real-time reports and statistics, and receive valuable data from your audience.


How does SocialBrands work and what will it help you achieve?

Connect with your customers easily with our social promotions

Interactive Facebook Apps that allow you to actively involve your audience in your campaign: SocialsBrands gives you the power to develop them. There’s no need for technical knowledge because our aim is to make your life as easy as possible. SocialBrands helps you to reach, activate and retain your target audience. See all the best solutions with the Facebook Apps »

Build up a database from your target group

Having your campaigns on SocialBrands enables you to get to know your target audience even better. You’ll get information like e-mail address, place of residence, date of birth, and a lot of other valuable data. All theinformation is stored and readily available on the platform and can easily be exported to a CSV file. Read more about how you can get the most out of the database »

Trusted by a lot of businesses around the world:

“Social media is hot and you’re constantly approached from all sides by expensive marketing firms with fabulous marketing tales. SocialBrands offers a reliable and affordable platform that is also easy to use and professional at the same time. We’ve welcomed many social media fans and regular customers because of it.”

Jordy Hindriks
Team Run2Day Nederland

“SocialBrands offers a host of different applications that can be implemented quickly and easily. And all that for just a fraction of the cost of tailor-made campaigns. We were able to book amazing results on social media with just a limited budget.”

Toni di Stefano
International marketing manager Bodyview B.V.

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